Freight Services Liability Insurance

We understand that all companies operating in the freight and logistics industry are potentially exposed to a wide variety of liabilities in respect of the services that they provide. These companies include freight forwarders, customs brokers, warehouse operators, road transport operators, ships agents and port authorities. We ensure that the right marine liability insurance is in place and protection is provided in the event of any unexpected incident.
Panoptic Underwriting Agency in partnership with select underwriters at Lloyd’s provide cover against liabilities, including associated legal costs with six cover options available to provide the level of cover that freight and logistics operators require.


Cover Option 1
Liability for non-contractual liabilities at law and specified legally enforceable contracts, including consequential losses, arising out of the provision of insured services.
Cover Option 2
Liability for loss of or damage to cargo and consequential loss arising therefrom under contracts of carriage and/or storage.
Cover Option 3
Liability for errors or omissions in providing insured services and indemnity for financial penalties imposed by authorities.
Cover Option 4
Liability for costs and expenses arising out of an occurrence which may give rise to a
claim covered by any applicable cover option.
Cover Option 5
Fraudulent or dishonest acts of employees and costs of recovering monies due.
Cover Option 6
Loss of or damage to specified equipment or lease per diem charges in respect of lost or damaged equipment.

Panoptic Underwriting Agency have an exclusive arrangement with certain Lloyd’s
underwriters with the following additional benefits:

  • Care custody and control limit up to A$20,000,000
  • All types of commodities catered for including cigarettes and alcohol
  • Excellent policy wording
  • Competitive pricing
  • Experienced underwriters
  • Advice concerning the handling of any claim
  • Assistance in the drafting or recommending of suitable standard trading conditions or other similar documents
  • APRA approved security


Freight Services Liability Proposal Form

Freight Services Liability Claim Form